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« Gepost op: Woensdag 31 Maart 2010, 00:02:00 »

Genesis A.D. revealed as title for next first person shooter

ome of you may remember that back in February, NHN USA and its portal site announced a contest that would let its users give suggestions for a name that would be used as the official title for an upcoming sci-fi themed free-to-play first person shooter. Today Big Download has the honor of officially announcing the name that was picked for the game.

As submitted by member "[A]staroth-" the name of the game will now be Genesis A.D. "[A]staroth-" will get a gaming PC from iBuyPower for his winning game title. The game itself is set in Earth's future where massive global warming is causing the polar ice caps to melt. As a result, the dry land masses on the planet are getting scarce, along with access to resources. The Earth Environment Protection Organization is formed by the Earth's leaders. Its military force goes after any factions that stand in the way of trying to protect what remains of Earth.

There's still no word yet on when Genesis A.D. will officially launch on In the meantime, check out a new teaser trailer for the game after the jump:
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